It's Discovery Time! THE EASY VERSION!

Take a deep breath and let's get started.  Remember, when you feel like you are "too busy", you always will be.  Let's take our time... Help us gather enough "intelligence" to make an educated recommendation.  Either way, it's a good exercise for any business.
This series of questions is designed for you to do a self-assessment, as well as, for us to capture the necessary information to truly be of value to you and your business.
What's your name? *

This might be what your mother gave you, or if you are creative, you may have given one to yourself that you prefer.
Let's get started with some information about you... To ease your mind, we have a little video to introduce you to us too...  :-) Intermission already?

{{answer_40061208}}, what's the names and roles of your teammates who are completing this form or being interviewed today?

{{answer_40061208}}, Who's the Primary Point Person for us to communicate with and send a proposal to? *

And what's a good cell phone number for {{answer_40061209}}? *

Let's start by getting to know more about your company...

{{answer_40061208}} what is your businesses legal name? *

{{answer_40061208}}, are you doing business under another brand name (DBA) other than, {{answer_40061211}} *

{{answer_40061208}}, if you are Doing Business As a different brand name, what's your DBA "Doing Business As"?

What year was your {{answer_40061211}} Established? *

{{answer_40061208}}, do you have a current website? *

What's the primary Website Address for {{answer_40061211}}? *

If you don't have a website, maybe you own a websites address you want to use for your new website... that works as well.
What is the main Phone Number for {{answer_40061211}}? *

Where are you located - What's the Primary Physical Address for {{answer_40061211}}? *

If you don't have a physical office, just let us know the city and state.
{{answer_40061208}}, do you have more than one physical location? *

# of Physical Locations *

This is important... as we will do a complete analysis for each of your locations to determine if the information is accurate across over 70 local business listings and the all-mighty Google Business Listing.
How many service technicians and installers do you have? *

How many people are managing sales leads, proposals and quotes? *

{{answer_40061208}}, what was {{answer_40061211}} Annual Sales - this year or last year? *

GREAT JOB {{answer_40061211}}!  You are making progress... Let's keep movin...

{{answer_40061208}}, if you were referred to our company - please let us know by whom, so we can thank them personally... (we love referrals!)

and our mother's raised us to say thank you :-)
{{answer_40061208}}, what brand is your "Primary Manufacturer" product you are representing? *

This is especially important if you are interested in utilizing accrual or co-op dollars towards your project.
{{answer_40061208}}, what Distributor are you working with in your local area? *

My favorite part... Let's review the Marketing systems you are currently using:

Do you own your Website? *

Do you own 100% of the content on your website (you wrote it or paid to have it written) *

Are you adding new Blog Content to your website regularly for SEO or marketing?

Who is writing, optimizing and posting your new blog content?

Do you have a Facebook Page

Who Manages your Facebook Content Posting?

Do you have a Twitter Account?

Who Manages your Twitter Content Posting?

Do you have a subscription to an email marketing system or drip campaign system?  If so, what system are you using?

Are you sending your current customers regular email newsletters or communications?

Do you have a google business listing (

Do you have admin access to your Google Business Listing (Google Maps) account?

Do you have your administrative login and password to your Google Business Listing account?  Typically attached to a GMail account.

This is very very very important.
SWOT Analysis: Strengths | Weaknesses | Opportunities | Threats (Risks)

Strength's:  What are your companies Greatest Strengths and Assets? *

What are the things that make you great?
What makes you unique in your marketplace?
What marketing activities are showing the most positive results?
What are your greatest assets or strengths?
Weaknesses: Strength's:  What are your companies Greatest Weaknesses? *

Where do you feel like you are struggling the most? 
What are you investing in that's not working?
What are you not doing that you know you should be?
What's holding you back?
Opportunities:  What are your companies Greatest Opportunities? *

What are the greatest immediate opportunities you have to improve?
What are you NOT going to chalk up as a missed opportunity this year?
Where do you feel you have the greatest opportunity to improve over the next 2 years?
Threats:  What are your companies Greatest Threats and Risks? *

What are your biggest threats right now?
What are your biggest risks?
What could cause the greatest loss of opportunity?
What is causing the greatest waste of money or time?

Rate this priority: Brand Improvements - Become more current and relevant to today's market position? *

Rate this Priority: Increase new sales leads and opportunities? *

Rate this Priority: Increase Existing Customer Retention, Up-Sales and Referrals *

Rate this Priority: Acquire new talent - improve recruiting and hiring process *

Rate this Priority: Improve reputation online (reputation management) *

Rate this Priority: Increase reviews and visibility of reviews online *

Rate this Priority: Leverage technology and automation tools to streamline processes and data *

Automation Goals - Allow site visitors and prospects to: *

Top Competitor you would like to beat:


Investment / Budget for Monthly Marketing *

Our ability to accomplish your goals is set by the resources we are allowed to apply to the project.  All our pricing is standardized and we have clients that have monthly marketing investments that range from $500 a month to $50k a month... There are no long term contracts and you are not stuck with any particular plan, this is more about us having the ability to provide you with a proposal that is within a comfortable budget and prioritize what we can accomplish from your lofty list of goals, right now.  We will grow with you.
Additional budgeting information: What are you currently investing in that could be re-allocated to higher leveraged activities and investments? *

Do you have a website of ours or anyone else's that you really love, and would like us to review or use for reference?

Next Steps

Would you like us to complete an analysis and provide you with a proposal based on our review? *

Are you in a contract with another agency that expires soon or you can't get out of anytime soon. *

When do you need the proposal By?

Is there a deadline for us to complete this, based on your need to use accrual funds before they expire?

When would you like to get started or have your decision made by?

Anything else that we should consider through this process that's important information?

How would you rate this interview and strategy session?

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CI Web Group Consultant: Who are you working with? *

Great Job!!  Thank you for Completing the Interview!  It's a great exercise that will give us the information we need to complete a thorough review and come up with a plan of action!